Our lab is facilitated with all essential and newest devices and has an ability to control all the stages of production: from the first grain to the final product.

Each and other product we make has certificate of quality issued by the lab. Scientific research is an integral part of our everyday business.

We a striving to achieve the perfect satisfaction of our clients by the quality of our producs and our helpfulness. We are able to work out quick and exact answers to many usually unexpected questions we and our clients encounter in everyday production processes.


Highest qualification specialists and staff ensures that the laboratory is one of the main and most effective departments in our factory, which determines and controls other production steps.

The head of laboratory is Mrs. Jolanta, which has many years of experience and helped us to achieve the current efficiency and high quality standards.

  • The starch content of the dry matter,
  • humidity
  • miscellaneous impurities,
  • grain impurities,
  • grain pests and diseases