Kurana biotech

Kurana Biotech – is part of Kurana biofuel & biogas factory.  We are growers, manufacturers and all-round enthusiasts of the precious plant.

The nearly ideal Lithuanian climate does most of the work and it is then our task to apply the most refined methods and technologies and transform hemp into dry material, extracts and isolates with uncountable benefits to the human health.

Every step of production is carefully monitored and traceable, ensuring that great care is taken of the products, from sowing to final packaging.

Our hemp is 100 % organic, grown and processed in Lithuania.




Our dried hemp leaves and flowers come from Cannabis sativa L. strains grown on selected fields.

All fields are carefully supervised for quality and compliance with organic farming regulations. The dry mass is regularly inspected for cannabinoid content, which allows us to plan the maximum achievable levels of CBD. Our leaves and flowers are air-dried, crushed to 1–2.5 mm and prepared for extraction. Whole leaves and flowers are also available upon request.


Our hemp extracts and isolates are all-natural products, made entirely of Lithuanian hemp.

CO2 extraction ensures purity of the extracts and in addition to CBD, it preserves valuable cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Our isolate powders have no taste or odour, which makes them versatile ingredients for edibles and cosmetics. Quality testing of the products is conducted by our in-house and independent third party laboratories.