UAB “Kurana” produces biofuels that consists bioethanol or dehydrated ethyl alcohol (DEA) with minimum concentration of 99.5 % per volume. It is produced from renewable plant material (grain) (see the certificate of quality No. 1)

We produce two products from bioethanol:

  • Dehydrated and denatured ethyl alcohol (DDEA) (see the certificate of quality No. 2)

By mixing DEA with fuel of mineral origin (petrol A95) we produce dehydrated and denatured ethyl alcohol (DDEA) which can be mixed into petrol as a supplement of biological origin. Every liter of petrol you buy in a petrol station you will find 10% of bioethanol (DDEA).

  • Alternative fuel of biological origin for internal combustion engines (E850)

E85 stands for alternative fuel of biological origin for internal combustion engines. This type of fuel consists of 85 % of bioethanol and 15 % of petrol A95. E85 is more sustainable and environment friendly fuel. Using it you will produce 80 % less of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, responsible for the global warming, than using any other regular fuel. Besides, plants that are used as material for bioethanol producing are tending to absorb carbon dioxide. In this way the concentration of greenhouse gas in our atmosphere is being reduced.